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Regardless of whether you are reserving an appointment with us for the first time or searching for guidance in registrations, admission formalities, paying bills for your treatment, our team is here to give the clear information to patients. In this segment, you will find out about the journey of a patient from the registrations to post-hospitalization care.

Before your appointment note down any inquiries, you may have to the team. GUT Hospital team is here to give clear data. Schedule an appointment by reaching our office either by telephone or email. Our patient coordinators will give additional details and arrange your visit to GUT.

Phone : +91 0755 4939609 , +91 626 369 2902
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  • The receptionist or the front office organizer will help you with the registration procedure.
  • You have to finish one-time registration if this is your first visit.
  • You are given a registration form and you are asked to fill in the required details precisely.
  • Youíll be issued a unique ID generated by the hospital
  • Under the new generated ID, Hospital will maintain and restore all your records for future references.
  • Patient needs to bring :
    • Photo ID, like driving license or passport ID and address proof.
    • Insurance card and other information for any insurance claims.

Be it for a planned medical procedure or an unexpected admission - a journey to the hospital can be overwhelming for the patients and their families. At GUT, we try to serve you with the best facilities and enhance your care. We generally motivate our patients to gather knowledge about the whole hospital process from the condition, diagnosis, treatment to post-hospitalization care for a better comprehension. Here is the list of practices you can follow for a stress-free and safe hospital stay.

Contact insurance company

  • Provide the hospital with the respective insurance company details
  • Before admitting in the hospital, get information about insurance policy and coverage details


Before starting with the treatment, get necessary details of it such as duration of treatment, risk and benefits, follow-ups and check-ups. For further guidance consult your respective doctors.


Get the complete medication list so that you can use it for further reference or whenever you visit any health provider.

Tests and surgery

Be clear about your understanding of the results of your reports and ask your doctor to explain the procedures of the diagnosis, risk/benefits/complications and test results too.

What to bring

  • Photo ID, like driving license or passport ID and address proof.
  • Insurance card and information for insurance claim.


At GUT, we provide rooms according to your booking. We have well furnished proper room to give you home like relaxed environment and make your stay more comfortable.

Your Health Care team

At GUT, we take utmost care of you by the compassionate team of dedicated hospital-doctors, nursing staff and allied health staff.

The best part for a patient in the hospital journey is when he/she is prepared for the discharge. At GUT, we guarantee to keep up a smooth discharge process as a part of improved patient care. It can ordinarily take up to two hours to three hours to finish the discharge procedure. Here is a visit on the patientís discharge process that each patient/patient's family needs to know:

  • Firstly, the doctor will compose a discharge summary after an intensive examination of the patient in the discharge chart and signs on the final discharge plan.
  • The doctor will review all the prescriptions you need to take home.
  • The nurse will assist you in the discharge procedure and it may take 1-2 hours to finish
  • Financial arrangements will be looked into and finalised
  • Once the payment bills are prepared, you are expected to clear all your dues by paying through debit/credit card or cash.
  • When all the dues are cleared from your side, you are allowed to check out.
  • The nurse will hand over the discharge summary to you and will advise follow-up appointments if necessary and brief you about your care after discharge.


  • Get an appointment beforehand, be on time for your appointment and inform the doctor/hospital before, if you are not able to come at the time of appointment.
  • Provide complete and authentic information, including your age, address, contact no., date of birth, particulars of family or relatives, insurance company, past illness and the required medication details.
  • Please leave your valuables at your home, hospital staff/management is not responsible for any kind of loss so bring only the required essentials.
  • Treat all hospital staff, other patients, visitors with courtesy and respect and following the certain rules of the hospital like be considerate of noise levels, no smoking in the hospital.
  • Understand all the instructions before signing the consent forms.
  • Collect the bills of expenditure and clear the dues.


  • Full protection of your privacy, dignity and confidentiality in care discussions, examinations, and treatments.
  • Gather information from the hospital regarding the expected cost of treatment and payment policies.
  • Request for a copy of your medical records as per protocol.
  • Get clear understanding from the doctor about your diagnosis, also benefits and risks of the treatment, expected outcome and change in medical condition.